The America First Contract

One Nation under God, indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for all

When signing the Declaration of Independence, our founders boldly pledged their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor for this nation which we have been freely given. The United States of America–a nation based on the self-evident Truths, “that all Men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.”

Yet, too often, our predecessors have traded these God-given rights for pay-offs, perks, and political expediency. We will not do so. While offers including committee assignments and chairmanships may come, these American values are not for sale.

We sought this office to return America to its founding principles and the Unites States Constitution. We call for immediate change in the status quo and swift, bold action from our leadership and members to set our nation back on course. We therefore pledge to support the following bills, and call for each to be given full and open debate and a clear and fair vote within the first 200 days of the 118th Congress.

  1.  LIFE

  • The Heartbeat Protection Act – Ensure that every child with a detectable heartbeat is protected by law.  
  • Defund Planned Parenthood Act – Prohibit federal funds from being allocated to Planned Parenthood, its affiliates who perform,  promote, or provide funds to any entity that performs abortion.


  • American Sovereignty Act –  Repeal all usurpation of American Sovereignty including but not limited to all illegal treaties, laws, or agreement which grant authority or control to the World Health Organization, United Nations, or any other nation, entity, or department, other than the American People regardless of a declared “State of Emergency,” Pandemic, Martial Law, or any other circumstance.
  • Constitutional Rights Restoration Act –  Ensure God-given Constitutional rights cannot be hindered, penalized, or prohibited by legislation, mandates, executive or court orders such as were imposed during the pandemic. These include:
  • Our First Amendment rights to freely exercise our Freedom of Religion, Freedom of Speech, Freedom of the Press, and the Right to Peaceably assemble, despite federal, state, or local orders to the contrary.
  • To repeal portions of the Patriot Act that violate the Constitution including the First, Fourth, Sixth, Seventh, Eighth, and Fourteenth   Amendment rights of American citizens including: unlawful search and seizures without probable cause, the right of a speedy and public trial by jury, without excessive fines or cruel or unusual punishment, and provisions that deprive an American citizen’s life,   liberty, or property without due process of law applied retroactively for any American citizen to whom those rights were denied. Restore the Defense of Marriage Act and the original Religious Freedom Restoration Act which also applies to the states.
  • Health Care Freedom Act –  Repeal unnecessary government control of healthcare and burdensome regulations and reporting requirements of healthcare providers. Protect the rights of American citizens to remain in full control of their health care decisions including which treatments to accept or refuse and the right to transfer or discharge from any facility unwilling to abide by the patient’s wishes. Ensure the patient’s next of kin full access and right to exercise their legal authority concerning the patient.  • Personal Autonomy Act –  Prohibit federal funding from states who require a vaccination as a condition for employment, education,  travel, medical treatment, or the purchase of goods and services. Establish a Congressional committee to investigate the medical effects of vaccines. Repeal the legal immunity of pharmaceutical companies regarding the manufacture and distribution of vaccines and drugs so they have the same liabilities as any other drug manufacturer or distributor.

  • Second Amendment Restoration Act –  Repeal all laws which infringe upon the right of American citizens to keep and bear Arms.  • Military Readiness Act –  Prohibit funding from non-defense training and indoctrination in the military and military academies, and remove all funding for gender “transition surgery,” “treatment,” and programs which require the use of biologically inaccurate pronouns.
  • Freedom of Conscience Act –  Protect medical, religious, and conscientious objection to any vaccine, drug, or medical treatment.


  • Make Education Constitutional & Effective Act –  Abolish the Department of Education and redirect funds from “No Child Left   Behind” to parents who participate in school choice voucher programs/alternative education.
  • Anti-Indoctrination Act –  Remove federal funding from any school or government agency that promotes
  • a) Racism including Critical Race Theory,
  • b) Anti-American curriculum including the 1619 Project,
  • c) Pro-Marxism, including “Equity”/“Social Justice” curriculum, or
  • d) Education that violates [state] obscenity laws, engages in grooming of children under the age of 18, including transgender education, “sensitivity training,” the promotion of high-risk behaviors or allows biological males into girl’s showers, locker-  rooms, or bathrooms.  

  • The Balanced Budget Act – Require Congress to live under the same budget constraints as families and businesses—without raising taxes. Cut the size of government, provide tax cuts for families, farmers, and businesses, especially those made in America. Cut funds to the enemies of America and Israel and those who vote against the United States at the United Nations more than half of the time. Require a super-majority to raise taxes.
  • The Monetary Protection Act – Prohibit the Federal government from developing a Central Bank Digital Currency, instituting, or releasing a Digital Currency of any kind.


  • The Energy Independence Act – Limit regulations on U.S. energy producers, open the Keystone Pipeline, repeal “Green New Deal” provisions, and provide reliable energy, including gasoline, diesel, electricity, natural gas, and propane from the United States

  • Protect America First Act – Finish the wall. Secure the Southern border, reduce human trafficking, illegal drugs, and deport criminal aliens. Defund Sanctuary Cities violating Federal law. Establish Congressional committees to investigate and provide recommendations to eliminate human trafficking and the smuggling of dangerous illegal drugs.
  • Investigate the Executive Branch for legal and Constitutional violations including actions taken at the Southern border, corruption, and the Afghanistan withdrawal.
  • Land Protection Act – Prohibit any entity controlled directly or indirectly by Communist China from purchasing any American real estate, farmland, ranch land, river, lake, road, public infrastructure, or facility. Prohibit federal subsidies for all land owned by foreign nationals, and prohibit infrastructure funds from going to states that sell or lease real estate, roads, public infrastructure, or facilities to foreign nationals.


  • No Federal Funds for Fraud Act – Remove election-related funding from states that don’t require a photo-ID to vote, redirecting those funds to help states who transition to secure, sequential paper ballots, limit early voting to one day, and prohibit mail-in votes with the  exception of requested absentee ballots, which are counted prior to in-person voting on election day. Set up a Congressional Committee to  investigate the 2020 election and provide recommendations to the Attorney General, courts, or any other entity with the authority to act.

  1. JOBS

  • Pull people out of Government Dependence Act –  Strengthen the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act for welfare reform to get able-bodied Americans off welfare and back to work.
  • Bring Jobs Back to America Act –  Repeal regulations and provide tax and other corporate incentives for American companies to relocate their   businesses in the United States.”


  • Ending Support for Internet Censorship Act –  Investigate antitrust behaviors of big tech companies, amend and remove Section 230   “Special Protections” they receive. Set up a select committee to investigate $417 million campaign contributions, information suppression,   and campaign collusion. Set up a select committee to investigate information suppression, campaign collusion, and campaign contributions including but not limited to the $417 million election contributions made by big tech, and recommend swift action to the Attorney General,  courts, or any other entity with the authority to act on the Congressional findings.

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